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CascoChem™ EPI

Type: Emulsion Polymer (EPI)

Description: Emulsion Polymer Isocyanate

Applications: Edge Glued Panel, Window Scantling, Door, Parquet

Storage Life: 9 months@25℃

Package: 20KG, 50KG, 1200KG

Content Details

Emulsion Polymer systems are used in applications where there is demand for high durability glue lines.

CascoChem Emulsion Polymer Adhesives with Isocyanate hardeners were originally developed for production of small beams and are approved according to JAS and JIS standards.

Currently the systems find use in other application areas, such as window scantlings and door manufacturing, due to the unique properties of the adhesives.

The light colored glue line has a high strength when fully cured, as well as very good water resistance. The hardened glue joints will not creep, but the glue line is slightly flexible, giving an outstanding end product quality.

CascoChem also offer Emulsion Polymer Adhesive systems free of isocyanate. These innovative systems are formaldehyde free and offer high bonding quality for interior use.

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