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CascoChem™ PVAc

Type: Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAc)

Description: Polyvinyl acetate

Applications: Assembly, Finger Joint, Veneering, Board on Frame, Edge Glued Panel

Storage Life: 9 months@25℃

Package: 20KG, 50KG, 1100KG

Content Details

Polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) dispersions are used mainly for interior applications. Advantages include high initial bonding strength and ease of use. The glueline is flexible.

We offer a wide selection of 1K PVAc adhesives to fulfil your needs in different durability classes according to EN 204/205 D1-D3. Adhesives are available for both hot and cold pressing conditions, and suitable for many different applications such as light-weight panels, doors, foil lamination and solid wood lamination.

PVAc adhesive in durability class EN 204/205 D4 is available both as 1K and 2K systems for both interior applications, as well as window-scantling and door constructions.

With our Lignu product line, we also offer advanced formaldehyde free emulsion polymer-based products to fulfil your future demands in Furniture and Flooring applications.

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